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The Smile Daisy Graphic Top in Black


What color is your favorite face mask? We all have one or two on hand in this time that we are living. Have you caught yourself smiling at someone behind a mask and then realized that they cannot see your grin? Have you had to tell them that you are smiling at them? These are the dilemmas of our time! Our Smile Daisy Graphic Top is the answer to the smiling dilemma. If you wear this cheerful inspirational graphic tee, then people will put on a smile even if they cannot see the one on your face. This artistic graphic top is made with a bit of stretch, so it will be a comfy choice whenever you wear it. It is long enough to tuck into jeans, to wear over shorts or to tie at the waist over a summer skirt. Put on this sweet little daisy tee whenever you want to brighten someone’s day, even if that someone is you! 

Small Bust: 36"
Medium Bust: 38"
Large Bust: 40"
Length: 26"
Fabric: 96% Cotton / 4% Spandex

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