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The Morrow Romper in Olive


When I was in sixth grade, all the girls were wearing a particular romper with wedge sandals. I was obsessed. It took me a couple of weeks, but I finally convinced my mom to let me buy that highly sought-after combo. I suppose I should say that once I got it, I was disappointed and that nothing ever lives up to the hype, but boy is that not true. That outfit was epic! I will never forget how amazing I felt sauntering into school in that romper and those wedges. I am pretty sure that I seek that same outfit high with every piece I buy to this day. Well, welcome to our Morrow Romper! Thankfully, this romper comes in a muted fall color, rather than lavender, so I can recapture that feeling of confidence again. This adorable romper comes with workable buttons and handy pockets, and the adjustable straps make it easy to wear for all heights. And if you are looking for that ultimate outfit high, throw on a pair of wedges! 
Inseam: 24 1/2"
Small Waist: 38"
Medium Waist: 40"
Large Waist: 42"
Functional Buttons
Fabric: 70% Cotton / 30% Linen


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