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The Happy Graphic Top in Yellow


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What makes you happy? Is it flowers or dogs or a good night’s sleep? Is it making someone feel good, helping out a friend or taking a stand? As humans, we put so much thought into our happiness. We think about it often and ask ourselves if we are happy. We evaluate and measure our happiness and compare it to the happiness of our friends or to people we see on social media. What is a good measure of happiness? Perhaps happiness should be waking up each morning and having the energy to live each day. Maybe we could lower our expectations and that amazing feat could be enough! Declare your feelings and spread them to the world with our Happy Graphic top. This inspirational graphic tee is a sunshine yellow color that will brighten the day for everyone you see. It is classic t-shirt fit, and the color will take you from summer to fall with a few added accessories. Now, go out there and spread the happiness! 

Small Bust: 36"
Medium Bust: 38"
Large Bust: 40"
XL Bust: 42"
Fabric: 52% Cotton / 48% Polyester
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