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The Ludlow Baby Doll Dress in Olive



Are you a dress girl? I have a friend who chooses dresses nearly every day, and she sure wears them well! She has all types to suit every possible situation, boho, sleek, professorial, casual, but one of her favorite every day looks is a babydoll dress! Of course, this style has nothing to do with babies! It simply means loose fitting and fun! Our gorgeous fall babydoll dress comes in a muted fall color to go with the season but brings all the fun of a summer beach day. This dress with pockets will be your perfect go-to as you prep your Halloween décor and shop for Thanksgiving dinner. Wear it with white Converse on your running errand days and pair it with booties and a jean jacket when you hit the town with your gals! Embrace this flattering casual dress style and be like my dress wearing friend by choosing more dresses each week! 

Small Bust: 40"
Medium Bust: 42"
Large Bust: 44"
Length: approx. 37"
Fabric: 100% Lyocell
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