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The Kettering Smocked Ruffle Dress in Black or Cream


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Romance blossoms as the months get warmer. Flower gardens are filled with roses, and their gentle scents fill the mornings. The sky is brighter, the afternoons are hotter and the nights are filled with anticipation. Instead of turning in at a “decent hour,” we are free to play and laugh into the wee hours. Those are the perfect evenings to spend with a special someone. If you do have a special night coming up, make sure you choose a gorgeous summer dress to wear so you will look and feel amazing. The Kettering dress is ideal for a memorable evening out. The fitted, smocked top and sleeves are so flattering, and the delicate lettuce-edge neck and sleeves create an incredibly romantic look. This floral dress has tiny flowers on the fabric to add to the romance, and the flowing, tiered skirt means you are ready to take over the dance floor. Whatever your romantic evening holds for you, you will be ready for it in this beautiful dress. 

Smocked Small Bust: 28" / Length: 47"
Smocked Medium Bust: 30" / Length: 47"
Smocked Large Bust: 32" / Length: 48"
Material: 100% Polyester
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